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Rescue Tech Offers On-site employee safety training programs, built just for your business. We have both General or Construction training available. We handle employee certification so you stay compliant with OSHA employees safety standards rules and regulations. 

That means we spend extra time during inspections going over what is required for proper training, what is required for proper record keeping, how to ensure your company is in compliance. We are safety experts that know how to watch out for your employees best interests, as well as yours. 

Our team is here for you from start to finish. With 30 years of world-class professionalism and service, we consider it a privilege to solve all your safety and consulting needs.

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OSHA Training And 

Planning for any emergency and keeping employees safe during an emergency should be the #1 priority of any business. Having an generic emergency plan may not cover hazards related to your specific needs. Having an effective plan in place that covers daily hazards often daunting and tricky.  That’s why we offer onsite inspections or Job site inspections.    

We can advise you on the current standards for OSHA Compliance and support you with Training. Plus we can design for your business a training program that is specific to your location, and hazards. 

Hidden Safety Hazards Is Major Trouble

Rescue Tech has highly skilled safety professionals that can perform a onsite inspection for hidden problems today!


Power Point Training  Services

Do you need a way to train staff through out the year? We can design Power Point Training and Testing so that your employees are aware of potential risks, and proper personal protective equipment to work safely from day one. 

At Rescue Tech, we’ve built your program with the daily hazards and how they are handled. We make your employees needs our own and cover all safety materials required to keep them safe. 

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